Learn the most effective methods to develop real, usable, strong flexibility

How long is this program?  
It depends on your goals, but this material will keep you making progress for 6-12+ months.

How long do I have access to the program?
Forever! We are going to keep updating it and making improvements to this-you will have access to all upgrades. Ask the first 50+ people who were in the first version of The Mobility Project: we gifted them all this new version of the program. We believe in taking care of our community.  

What if I have an injury/need this modification?
We have used this work to rehab and prehab many injuries on ourselves and our clients. These things are very individual, and will cover this type of question in our Q & As/forum. 

Equipment/gym needed?
No gym required. David did all of this mobility work in his house with a chin-up bar (something to hang from), an elastic band, and a few simple weights you can find at a thrift store.

I see you have Mobility Project workshops scheduled. Is that required?
No, the workshops are a way to practice together, go over certain details, and provide more ways to actually use your mobility. Many aspects of the workshop will be made available online in this program for those who are far away. And if you want to schedule a workshop in your area, send us an email at info@themobilityproject.co

Is this the Ido Portal Method?
No. David and Mercedes are long-time students of Ido, so there are certain ideas and influences that we cannot separate from what we do, but we use the disclaimer that we do not represent or teach his work. There are concepts and material in this program from various sources, which we will cite appropriately. Anything you see from Ido Portal/Movement Culture in this program are freely available online-such as recommending his 30/30 Squat Challenge. If you want more of Ido’s work, we highly recommend going to the source.
5% of all profits goes to our brand new non-profit division aimed at making movement education accessible to underserved communities via free classes and free online resources!
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